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#10 Third at Cowes Week, What’s on Your Horizon with Helly Hansen

HH Cowes Week ( 12th August 2016 )

HH Cowes Week, at the Helm ( 12th August 2016 ) Credit: Antony Potts

It is 2 weeks to the day that Team Helly Hansen crossed the line in third place in the Cruiser B Class at Cowes Week. After a year of literally learning the ropes, Stephanie (, Faya (, Stuart (averagejoes and myself ( worked together as a team with instruction from seasoned sailors Chris and ‘Jacko’ on an Oceanis 37. With a fleet of 28 boats at the start it was pretty hairy, but a good start and very little trouble over the almost 3 hour course brought us over the line in 2nd place with a blast of the canon for the top 3 finishers.  With our handicap taken into account the boat dropped one place to third but not bad for a group of novice sailors at the oldest and largest sailing Regatta in the world.

HH Cowes Week ( 12th August 2016 )

HH Cowes Week ( 12th August 2016 ) Chris and Jacko wondering what our next move is, Credit: Antony Potts

Each of us were given a job on the boat and without too many mistakes it was “Champagne Sailing” from beginning to end. The sun was shining, the water was glistening, it was a perfect way to finish our year with Helly Hansen. My job was ‘winching’ (tightening the sheet (rope) using a mechanical device and handle) which can be hard work especially when you have to get that sail in as tight as you can after a tack or jibe. Working closely with Stephanie, Faya and Jacko we did our job well while Stuart looked after the main sail.

HH Cowes Week ( 12th August 2016 )

HH Cowes Week ( 12th August 2016 ) holding onto that spinnaker sheet for dear life ! Credit: Antony Potts

As we approached the homeward straight, the spinnaker was launched and it was my job to hold the sheet (rope) attached to the spinnaker, leaving it in or letting it out when needed. It was a great buzz crossing the line with the canon blasting and we celebrated into the evening with fireworks and an acrobatic pilot in a fighter jet for some entertainment.

While our year with Helly Hansen has come to an end I hope to continue sailing here in Kinsale and may be further afield if the opportunity should arise. While in Cowes I was reminded of the first time I ever went sailing, on Lake Entebbe in Uganda. In my late twenties I knew nothing about the wind or what a jibe or tack meant but off I went out on a laser dinghy, knowing I liked what I was doing but not knowing how to control it !

This past year has been a great learning experience and it has shown me that anyone can learn how to sail, it is never too late !

Thank you Team Helly Hansen !

Sail Name T.C.F. Finished Elapsed Corrected Pos
5851R WHISPER 0.976 15:19:07 02:49:07 02:45:03 1
F695 RIOT 0.864 15:45:49 03:15:49 02:49:11 2
GBR2933L HELLY HANSEN 0.981 15:23:41 02:53:41 02:50:23 3
GBR5748T HAGGIS 2 0.967 15:26:15 02:56:15 02:50:26 4
GBR1380R TUDOR ROSE 0.842 15:53:56 03:23:56 02:51:43 5
GBR2421 SHEEVRA 0.971 15:28:21 02:58:21 02:53:11 6
GBR9453R DABRA 0.969 15:30:17 03:00:17 02:54:42 7
GBR968R SHAYTANA 0.967 15:32:37 03:02:37 02:56:35 8
GBR740 BLUE VIKING 0.864 15:55:45 03:25:45 02:57:46 9
GBR9172R BLINK 0.930 15:43:12 03:13:12 02:59:41 10
GBR37R WHITE HEATHER 0.951 15:38:59 03:08:59 02:59:43 11
GBR1757T PHOENIX TOO 0.961 15:39:58 03:09:58 03:02:33 12
GBR8121R IF…. 0.885 15:56:46 03:26:46 03:02:59 13
GBR8225T REACH 4 THE WIND 0.960 15:50:48 03:20:48 03:12:46 14
GBR3897L ANNE OF WIGHT 0.977 15:48:33 03:18:33 03:13:59 15
GBR2934L EBB PAPER SOIREE 0.981 15:49:30 03:19:30 03:15:43 16
GBR3875L CINNABAR 0.962 15:58:00 03:28:00 03:20:06 17
GBR2935L NEXUS VIS A VIS 0.981 15:57:36 03:27:36 03:23:39 18
GBR168N ALIKI 0.956 16:03:54 03:33:54 03:24:29 19
GBR2720L SAPHIR 0.971 16:03:02 03:33:02 03:26:51 20
30 CUNNING PLAN B 0.968 16:04:03 03:34:03 03:27:12 21
GBR2743L INTERNATIONAL PAPER 0.981 16:02:53 03:32:53 03:28:50 22
GBR8418T ARUNROCKALL 0.795 16:59:24 04:29:24 03:34:10 23
GBR2742L EBB PAPER M LADY 0.981 16:08:41 03:38:41 03:34:32 24
GBR8968 KALIMA II 0.874 16:48:59 04:18:59 03:46:21 25
GBR5754T SEA NYMPH III 0.953 16:29:36 03:59:36 03:48:20 26
GBR692 NJORD 0.864 RET
GBR699 4 WINDS 0.867 DNC

Cowes in all it’s glory, Credit: Antony Potts


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