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Begin with the 1st Mile

After spending months and months lying to myself about my eating and my exercising/training for the marathon, and writing blogs that although people could relate to, weren’t inspiring action. So this is a post about movement, action and determination.

I finally began running again. I go to the gym regularly but my running came to a complete halt. Well last night I began again. We headed out for a short run, 2.5 miles, with no expectations. That 2.5 mile run was harder for me physically, than the half marathon back in March. I wanted to stop after a mile. It got me thinking about my body, and how fast I was running six months ago, the distance I was covering in a week and how each additional pound I have put on was affecting my legs every time my foot struck the ground. Instead of feeling bad about myself and living in a depression of regret for losing what I had built up to, I turned to my boyfriend and said “this is it, this is the beginning, it is really hard today, but it will only get easier on every run I do”.  He smiled at me and gave me a high five. As cheesey as that sounds it was what I needed, support and a push.

It’s all about baby steps.

My plan is to start fresh from the beginning and train for Clonakilty Waterfront half marathon in December, while losing the additional pounds I am carrying along the way. I have made out a ten week plan to get myself to the half marathon and lose the bulge. When I look at my plan on paper, I see where I am this week and what I plan to achieve. Although my plan leads me to December 3rd, I have not looked that far ahead. I will take each week as it comes, making sure the mileage I am meant to do, is done and checking my weight to ensure it is going down.

My diet will be the same as it was when I lost 3 stone, which is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. It really is the only way of eating that doesn’t end with me gorging on junk food to celebrate losing a few pounds. It is also the only way of eating that clears up my skin, and doesn’t cause 3pm slumps.

My aim is to do a three mile run Thursday morning, and head out for five miles Saturday morning, with two personal training sessions in the gym on Thursday and Friday. My diet will consist mostly of vegetables, meat, eggs, water and fats such as coconut milk and avocado, with the possibility of a homemade baked treat thrown in. Normally I eat a lot of nuts and cheese but I always over indulge on them, which I am sure many of you can relate to.

For anyone that does read my posts, feel free to let me know what your goals are, maybe I can help you achieve them, or even give you the push you need to get going. Just email me at

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About Niamh O'Kelly

From Cork, 26 years old, spent years trying to lose weight, and finally did it, but struggling to maintain the weight-loss. Have also began training for my first marathon in Dublin In Oct 2016, working to motivate myself to get training. So for anyone that may struggle as I do with food and exercise, you may enjoy following my posts.