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Curried Fruit Couscous Salad

Planning and preparation is the secret to maintaining a healthy diet or working towards any nutrition goal. Try to set some time away at the start of the week or over the weekend to cook in batches.  Grains and particularly couscous are a perfect option for batch cooking and take very little time to prepare. I love salads at any ... Read More »

How to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight in 10 tips.

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight, keep it off, and achieve a body transformation knows how difficult a feat it truly is. Even more so if you are a working professional, where time doesn’t seem to be in sufficient supply for preparing and cooking healthy meals, and let’s not mention finding the time to do some exercise. For ... Read More »

Caramel Fruit & Nut Squares

Caramel squares are just irresistible, perfect for your mid-morning break or a treat at any time. Commonly caramel is made used condensed milk and plenty of sugar. These caramel square are made using a banana and date mix that is refined sugar free. Using nuts and seeds provides a source of essential protein and trace nutrients. Activating nuts and seeds is a ... Read More »

Team Sport So Beneficial for Women, why are they dropping out so early?

A new study commissioned by Lidl Ireland demonstrates a worrying trend affecting the health and well-being of young women and girls in Ireland. Research proves that team sports have a direct and positive effect on self-confidence and mental wellbeing. Yet 1 in 2 young women give up team sports completely by the age of 13. Serious hard work and dedication ... Read More »

Approach Your Sport with a Clear Mind and a Healthy Body!

Want to feel fitter? Want to improve your stamina? Want to feel healthier? DETOX!! Health and Mental Wellbeing is very important in all Sports and any small worry detracts us from ensuring we can give it our all. It is a known fact that women worry about their Health and Weight constantly but you also need to be very aware ... Read More »

Mini Muckers Challenge

Mini Muckers & Runamuck Challenge 2017 BRINGING YOU CROSS COUNTRY ADVENTURE MUD RUNS FOR ALL AGES First up we have The Runamuck Challenge 23rd September 2017 @Coolcarrigan Estate, Naas, Co Kildare (40mins from Dublin) 5.5km or 11km Cross Country Obstacle Run Min age 15yrs ​ Mini Muckers Halloween Family Run 14th October 2017 @ Punchestown Racecourse, Naas, Co. Kildare 2.5km ... Read More »

What do some of the best athletes in the world eat ?

Best Athletes

Diet is always an important part in any athlete’s life whatever the sport. Sinead Delahunty has recently joined the team and has interviewed Samantha Lambert (Tipperary Football), Laura Delany (Irish Cricket) and Shirley McCay (Irish Hockey) about their dietary habits and the importance of food when it comes to their sport. On average, men and women consume 2,800 and ... Read More »

Let’s talk food and sport with … Shirley McCay

The 2018 Hockey World Cup is being held in London, but all eyes are on Johannesburg this month as the Irish Women’s senior hockey team battle it out for a qualifying spot at the World League 3 series. Amongst the team are many household names to hockey fans, one of these names and leaders is Shirley McCay. The Ulster Elks ... Read More »

Banana & Peanut Overnight Oats

Recovery is an essential part of exercising. For muscle size or power to increase there must be muscle fibre breakdown. This muscle breakdown will result in regeneration and development when fueled adequately. Recovery combines many facets including rest, rehydration and refueling. The refueling gold standard combines a mix of protein and carbohydrate and is consumed within 30 minutes of ceasing ... Read More »

Those knobbly knees

One of the most common injuries for players of hurling and Gaelic are knee injuries. This is proven by the fact that knee surgery is becoming increasingly common in Gaelic Games. RTÉ Sport reported that knee operations now account for 35.5% of all claims on the Association’s Injury Benefit Fund. 2,243 of the 6,290 claims in 2016 were for knee ... Read More »


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