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Dublin Marathon and EVB Sport

by Yvonne Brady

The young the old the brave and the bold – they were all out in force for the Dublin Marathon. 26.2 miles of pure determination for those bitten by the bug. Some for the first time – ticking a bucket list box, some returning with unfinished business, and some who were just there because that’s just what they do.

Whatever, I love it and have gone up to spectate every year since my own marathon in 2010. The crowds and the atmosphere and the 20,000 individual stories streaming by make for emotional, inspirational and joyous viewing.

We’ve spoken to so many of our community this past week who ran, and these are a few of the quotes I’ve scribbled down as I chatted on the phone to dozens I caught up with. Lots of this will sound familiar to those who done some serious distance ….
* Never again!
* What was I thinking ….
* A new PB …. Totally made up I am!
* The best day of my life, I bawled like a baby at the finish line…
* Some gobshite was telling me I was ‘nearly there’ – it was only mile 10 for Jaysis sake!
* Can’t wait to start training again for next year.
* No, I’m not too bad, I just can’t go up stairs!
* The atmosphere at the end was absolutely amazing

And it was brilliant to hear, that more than once “I couldn’t have done it without my EVB’s!”

As always, I stood there watching in awe of the people running, sprinting, walking, jogging and even crawling by, but feeling a bit jealous and resolving to sign up next year. I’ve run a few half-marathons since but never a full one and hats off to those who do.

Thing is, for me, it was just too hard on my body (it resulted in me designing EVBs for heaven’s sake!). So, if you’ve done it – take a break and don’t rush back in, give yourself time to recover. Listen to your body, pay attention to any niggles aches and pains. Let your toe nails grow back (quite a few harrowing stories about them this week – and a few requests for EVB to invent something to tackle that problem!).
Breathe, be still, and be proud of the amazing achievement you’ve just racked up. Whether it was your first, or your 295th (like one of our earliest advocates Brenda O’Keefe (Congrats Brenda!), you’ve just run a marathon!

Time to take stock. The conventional wisdom is that you should replace your training shoes after about 500 miles (this equates to the minimum most people would do in a 20 week marathon preparation program). I think 1000-Mile socks are guaranteed for 40 washes (50 miles before each wash … yeuw!), and the same applies for your EVB’s. Wear and tear over all those weeks of training, including perhaps 10 or 12 long runs takes its toll on our shorts, capris and leggings too. So, as you begin to face stairs again with confidence and begin to feel edgy because you haven’t run in a while, we say – take another week off, eat some deserved chocolate and have a glass of wine. And, obviously, get yourself a new pair of EVB’s to make sure that you have the best support possible and remain injury free when you do venture out again.

EVB Sport have decided to launch a sneaky discount code active from now until 18th November for those who ran the marathon. Use #DM2017 ( to get 20% off, and they won’t even know if you didn’t actually run the Marathon! (Oh, and whatever you do, don’t tell anyone!)

EVB Sport are looking for you to send in a picture of you running your marathon and anyone who sends them in a pic will be entered in a draw for a lovely bottle of prosecco and box of choccies to help you celebrate your victory.

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