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Healthy Eating for Active Women

It goes without saying that the key to good health and fitness is a balanced diet. A good diet helps maintain a healthy weight level and reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Just as importantly though, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet around the home will positively influence the kids to eat right as they grow older and pursue their own sports interests.

Eating a well-balanced and healthy diet doesn’t have to be as confusing and frustrating as some people give it credit for. When people hear the word diet, they instantly assume you need to give everything up and live on a diet of salad and water and it simply isn’t true. There are many ways we can go about improving our daily eating habits.

Don’t give anything up – As mentioned, the assumption that we must give everything up that is bad for us sets you up for failure. A week in and you’re haunted by cravings which leaves you open to a rebound binge. The key is proportion and making small changes; leave the crust if you have a pizza, introduce more greens into your meals and reducing the amount of fizzy drinks and sugar you consume. Every little helps.

Be reasonable with yourself – Don’t always order the plainest and “healthiest” looking meal on the menu. If you find yourself indulging in something a bit naughty, make up for it later on with an extra effort towards veggies and whole grains foods.

A colourful diet is a good diet – Gently introduce a variety of fruits and veggies into your day, Greens, purples, reds, oranges, yellows and whites, it’s all good stuff. By doing this, not only will you hit the mark of ‘five a day’, but you will be supplying your body with the necessary minerals and vitamins to help fight disease, maintain a healthy weight and allow you to excel in performance.

Drink more water – Drinking water is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and many of us don’t drink enough. As well as keeping us hydrated, drinking water improves our energy levels and brain activity and also circulates necessary nutrients around our bodies.

Stop counting calories – Instead of painfully reading through the labels of everything in the shop, just focus on good-for-you foods. Ask yourself where the food came from and if it is nutritious. Providing your body with necessary nutrients every day will keep hunger away, minimise cravings and let your brain know when you really are hungry.

Power foods – Introduce more of these into your day and you will see an improvement in overall health and on-the-field performance:

l Broccoli- a rich source of protein, vitamin C and vitamin A (and helps fight wrinkles).

l Spinach- high in magnesium, vitamin K, calcium and has been proven to prevent birth defects in babies.

l Dark chocolate- Yes, believe it or not, dark chocolate has been proven to help combat stress and depression, leave you feeling more alert and active.

l Lentils- A great source of iron, a good deterrent of anaemia in women.

l Whole grain Pasta- Packed with vitamin B which helps your body turn food into slow releasing energy. Perfect for active women.

Home-cooked food – Last but not least, there is no substitute for a hearty home-cooked meal. Cooking at home allows you to be creative with healthy, fresh ingredients and leaves you in control. Of course, cooking healthy meals at home isn’t always ideal, especially when you’ve got the kids to think about. With companies like Deliveroo Ireland, you’re able to maintain that healthy diet for you and your family, leaving you more time for the important things. So what are you waiting for? Make those small changes today and see the big changes where it matters.

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