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Hooked on Fun, a coaching resource

If you are looking to expand your coaching resources, here is a great one from 

While the sessions are applicable to those playing hockey many of the drills can be transferred to other sports.

The FUNdamental Phase of LTPD (Long Term Player Developement) focuses on developing fundamental movement skills and physical literacy in a fun and game-orientated manner, while introducing basic hockey techniques.

Developing these skills in this way allows for children to maximise their potential while enjoying sport and will help to retain children in physical activity in the longer term. Hooked on Fun includes 15 session plans for 6-9 year olds focused on introducing hockey in a fun and challenging way (with and without a stick), while also allowing for the development of fundamental movement skills and physical literacy.

The sessions are divided into four key areas, with each session focussing on a particular hockey related fundamental movement skill and hockey technique: The sessions are structured as follows: 1 Warm-Up Movement Activities – fun warm up games (with a focus on a particular fundamental movement skill) including a whole body stretch component 2 Focussed Activities – fun movement-based activities preparing players for a hockey specific activity 3 Hockey Specific Activity – completing the movement activities with stick & ball 4 Fun Game – game designed specifically to highlight and further develop the movement skill and hockey technique developed through the session.

To download the sessions click Hooked on Fun (credit: Irish Hockey)

If you have any coaching exercises or programmes you would like to share with send to and we will share with the coaching community.

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