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An insight into the StrongWomen competitions

Matty Costello, former owner of Matty Costello Strength, Performance and Conditioning is giving an insight into the growing phenomenon of Strongwoman competitions. Matty used to compete in powerlifting and currently coached of talented Female weightlifting athletes such as Ayshea UllahNatasha Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh, Olivia Lane, Karen Guthrie and many more…

Matty quotes ” A Strongwoman competition is no different to the Strongman competitions you might see on TV around Christmas time where you’d see people pressing weight overhead, lifting stones, running with sandbags and pulling trucks. It really is the ultimate exhibition of strength (both mental and physical), speed and endurance.”

Himself and his friend Pete O’Connor of Spartan Gym Equipment decided to run the as they wanted to give female strength athletes more opportunities to compete in the sport, at the time there weren’t many opportunities for them to compete in it.

The first competition was ran as a charity event which was a great success. After that they got in contact with Dave Warner of Renegade Strongman to run a Ireland’s strongest woman competition through his federation, it was trough Dave that they managed to make their competition a qualifier for Worlds Strongest Woman which seen Olivia Lane represent Ireland at last September.


”To date we haven’t had a qualifier that you must first go through to qualify for Ireland’s Strongest Woman, we want as many people as possible to compete and get involved.”

Matty is sharing his expertise in term of training to both experienced and beginners to the world of strength sports.
”Basic barbell training is going to be your bread and butter for Strongwoman training, once your squatting, overhead pressing and deadlifting you can’t go wrong! If you can add in some event training that’s great, training farmers walks, super yolk and atlas stones should be your go to if it’s available to you as they would be the most common events to pop up in competition.”

”I would say find a coach or even a friend who know what there doing and learn how the do the basic barbell movements such as the squat, bench, overhead press and deadlift with good form, they will be the base of your strength. From there I would follow a programme to give your training some direction, something simple like wendlers 5/3/1 is perfect for a beginner, I would also add is some conditioning work with a prowler, sled or farmers walk on separate days or after squats and deadlifts”

The competitions are open to every level and suits women in any sizes. If you would consider to participate this year you can contact Matty Constello on Facebook here

Here is a video from last year competition during the summer last year :


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