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Louise Butler Byrne, What a Woman

345193CD-17F0-47D8-9CD3-B7F857F1A55ELouise Butler Byrne is a hairdresser and salon manager. She made it to the final selection grouping for Operation Transformation, the last 20. From this group the televised 5 were chosen. Louise didn’t make it to the last 5 but she was one of the group leaders for Ballyboden/St Endas GAA through the televised Operation Transformation programme and the group did hugely well. Louise continued her weight loss journey and has gone on to lose an amazing amount of weight. Through the support of BV Sport she’s been wearing BV Sport Booster Elite Calf compression sleeves, which improve the blood flow whilst exercising in conjunction with the BV Sport Compression Recovery socks, which refresh the legs after training – so no aches and pains for Louise. She has made an amazing journey and continues to inspire those who know her. met up with Louise and got her side of the story.

“Well basically I applied to be on Operation Transformation and got to the final 20. I was so upset to not get picked and thought I would never be able to loose weight by myself. I have always been overweight since as far back as my primary school days. I tried every diet under the sun and stuck to nothing. I teamed up with my local GAA club, Ballyboden/St Endas and as group leader ran with my own group. We had over 100 sign up and we all kept each other motivated.”

IMG_3964After the series finished the group also finished but Louise continued on herself and began fitness training in her local gym, Kaizendojo, with the owner Brendan Perry as he wanted to help Louise.

“They have really been there for me from the start and continue to support me. Their fitness classes make people feel so welcome and while I would have been so embarrassed walking into a fitness class worrying I wouldn’t be able they cater for everyone.”

“I was totally new to fitness and exercise and didn’t know what to expect. But I loved it and fitness had become my new hobbie. I’m loving learning about nutrition and my body, something I totally took for granted before.”


Louise with 18+ Argos Catalogues, the equivalent of 56 Ibs

Louise has lost close to 5 stone since Christmas and feels like a new person. As a hair stylist she is on her feet all day and in the past the pains in her legs were unbearable but now she can bounce around and even squeezes a 5k in after work some evenings.

“I still have a bit of weight to loose but I’m loving every minute of my journey. I’m also getting married next year and having all this extra energy has come in handy for the planning. I used to think it would be great to be slim and buy nice clothes but I didn’t anticipate how much I would love being fit and that has become my priority now and I will never go back to the old me.”

While writing this article Louise made contact with us to let us know she reached her 5 stone target and she is over the moon.

IMG_4485“I weighed out some potatoes to visualise what my weight lost looks like and here it is. It was 4 bags of 7.5kg roosters! Terrifying to think what all that extra weight was doing to my body as I struggled to carry two bags.”

What a woman !

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