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There is no stopping Ultra Runner, Sinead Kane

Allianz Sponsored Athlete Sinead Kane To Compete in 24 hour Ultramarathon

Irish Athlete Sinead Kane’s next challenge takes place on Saturday February 25th, a 24 hour Ultramarathon in Helsinki.

Having recently entered the Guinness book of world records as the first blind athlete to complete seven marathons in seven days on seven continents, Sinead Kane, sponsored by Allianz Ireland, will compete in a 24 hour Ultramarathon in Helsinki this weekend.

Athletes can cover any distance and any athlete who covers 200km or above this will qualify for the world championships. In 2016 the winning male athlete completed 242km and the winning female athlete 225km.

Sinead will run with the assistance of two guide runners to help her safely navigate her way around the 396 metre indoor running track alongside over 140 fellow competitors.

Commenting Damien O’Neill, Allianz Head of Marketing and Communications, said:

“Sinead’s ambition and drive knows no bounds and Allianz is delighted to support Sinead as she continues to push the boundaries of what the human body and spirit can dare to achieve.”

For more information on the race or to track Sinead’s progress go to:

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