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Shannon is aiming to lift over 400 KG for the European Championship

Meet Shannon Pollock AKA the beast, a 29 years old talented weight lifting athlete whom I had the opportunity to meet in Impact Strength & Preformance Blackrock. Her current goal is to lift over 400 KG with the deadlift, back squat and bench press for the Powerlifting European Championship from 12 to 19th March 2017 in Thisted in Denmark. ”Hoping for a 400kg+ total as the standard of lifting in Ireland is insanely high and everyone is getting stronger.”

Shannon is Tutor at Elite Fitness & Preformance Academy, Coach at Impact Strength & Preformance and Bodyworks Strength &Conditioning Kilkenny. She is also a All Ireland Kettlebell Federation professional athlete, International Union of Kettlebell Lifting European champion long cycle.

She quotes: ”I gave kettlebells a rest to focus on strength training about 12 – 14 months ago.”

That was a strategic decision which paid off, since she is now one of the best lifter worldwide and member of the Irish Powerlifting Federation National Team.

Here are her personal best per lift :
Deadlift: 177.5 kg
Back Squat: 150 kg x 2
Bench Press: 71.5 kg

You can see Shannon in action squating 150 kg twice 🙂


In case you want to follow Shannon here are social media account :

Facebook: Shannon Pollock Personal Trainer

Instagram: Shanpol

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