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Tough Mudder Ireland – Anything Boys Can Do, Girls Can Do Better

Tough Mudder is a gruelling 10-12 mile obstacle mud run set in Oldcastle, Co. Meath. The course features over 30 obstacles such as Block Ness Monster (Voted Best obstacle of 2016), Arctic Enema (an ice bath that will chill you to the core), Everest (¼ pipe that requires a good starting run in order to get to the top) and Electroshock Therapy (10,000 volts that will bring out moves that you didn’t know you had).

The course is big, mighty and most definitely muddy – No place for a lady right? WRONG!

An amazing 31% of participants at Tough Mudder Ireland 2016 were female, proving that the boys aren’t the only ones who like to get down and dirty – so do the girls.

Roz Purcell was among the brave female participants who took to the muddy obstacle course event in 2016, returning for her second helping of exhilarating muddy fun having completed the course for the first time in 2015.

New to Ireland this year

While we have no doubt that every woman has the power to get through the Tough Mudder course we recognise that 10-12 miles is a long distance. Therefore in 2017 TMHQ Ireland is proud to announce a Tough Mudder Half course, it’s all the mud but half the distance

The half course still places emphasis on the challenge and teamwork that are the pillars of the Tough Mudder event, but it is half the distance. Instead of running 10-12 miles and completing 30 obstacles, you run 5 miles with 13 obstacles to get through.

The course still features some tough and testing obstacles but you don’t have to go into an ice bath or get electrocuted to gain your Tough Mudder finisher tee and be crowned with the white finisher headband.

If you think you are tough enough to take on the challenge and show the men how it’s done then sign up today at We have faith in you. Now it’s time to have faith in yourself. #girlpower

Photo Captions: Roz Purcell showing us how good mud can look whilst taking on the Tough Mudder Ireland event in 2016

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