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Weightloss, Maintanence & Training, Detox with SlimRetreat

image1As I write this I am sitting in my room at SlimRetreat having locked myself away during our afternoon break. Bernadette Barker the founder and owner of SlimRetreat was kind enough to invite me down to try out one of her detox retreats.

Located down in Bantry, SlimRetreat offers customers a comfortable stay in a beautiful house with a detox programme and exercise routines. I headed down here not knowing what to expect and have been pleasantly surprised by this detox. My current diet is healthy (relatively low carb and sugar) as I am on a mission to lose the weight I’ve put back on (down 7lbs in 3 weeks). Our detox here has sent me into shock as it’s all about the juice! 

Up until yesterday I was anti juice diets, mostly because I believe they are high in sugar, I don’t eat fruit and I find them disgusting but also it is time consuming and takes a lot of work to stick with it. SlimRetreat has really changed my mind. Bernadette makes tasty juices using more veg than fruit, so they are still relatively low in sugar. That’s breakfast, lunch and dinner and we are sent to bed with a glass of the most delicious homemade cashew milk.

Exercise includes a long walk in the morning, followed by yoga and a fitness class in the afternoon, and this evening there will be a nutritionist coming in to talk to us. It’s a great environment to be in as the support makes the detox easier to do and it’s inspiring to meet new people and learn about their journeys. I would highly recommend it to people struggling with their weight but also people looking to clean their bodies out.

Having free time has given me a lot of space to think about why I am struggling with training for the marathon and the mental aspect to marathon training and eating well. I arrived at this retreat thinking my marathon has come too close for me to be able to do it, that I’ll never be ready, both because of the weight I am carrying and the lack of training.

The thing I’ve figured out, is that in my case (and I am sure many people agree) the second I put pressure on myself I fail. It becomes a chore, and I resent doing it. It’s the reason I have a weight issue, I always think I’m suffering having to eat well and don’t enjoy it because I CAN’T eat fast food. Similarly with my running, I used to love running but now that I want to do a marathon and am not mentally prepared it has become too much effort and I’m allergic to it. So that’s why I’m going to enjoy the rest of my detox, and head out for a run this weekend, whatever distance it will be. I will know then once and for all if I can make it to Dublin in October.

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About Niamh O'Kelly

From Cork, 26 years old, spent years trying to lose weight, and finally did it, but struggling to maintain the weight-loss. Have also began training for my first marathon in Dublin In Oct 2016, working to motivate myself to get training. So for anyone that may struggle as I do with food and exercise, you may enjoy following my posts.