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Weightloss, Maintenance & Training: A Vicious Cycle

imageFollowing my detox with SlimRetreat last week, I lost almost 5llbs, gained glowing skin and a healthy stomach. It’s incredible what a few days of detoxing will do. I think without the support and motivation from the team at SlimRetreat, I wouldn’t have lasted more than half a day, but I did it, no meat, dairy, processed food or caffeine for three full days. It was very tough but so worth it. I returned home from the retreat not wanting to undo all of my hard work, and I was motivated to get out exercising.

I mentioned at the end of last weeks post that I realized that running has become a chore for me since deciding to train for the marathon, and because of that training is almost non-existent leading to my weight creeping back on. I am now around three weeks back ‘clean’ eating and have lost eight of the pounds I put back up. I suppose I was trying to find excuses for my weight gain, and for losing all of the mileage I had built up for the half marathon but there was no excuse. I got lazy, and then went into the vicious cycle of eating, not running and feeling terrible about myself.

The cycle I use to describe my battle with weight and motivation is the one used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; a circle that keeps going around until you change one of the patterns. The cycle is made up of three things, Thought-What you think, Behavior-How you feel and Emotion-What you do. For me the negative cycle (when I struggle), goes as follows;

My thoughts are negative, I use words such as ‘I Can’t’, ‘What’s the point’, ‘I don’t feel like it’

I then begin to feel bad, tired, negative, and I stop caring about wanting to eat well or exercising.

This then leads to me staying in bed instead of getting out to run, or eating junk food, followed by feeling like a failure and a disappointment, which then leads to the beginning of the cycle again.

It takes breaking one of these patterns to completely change the way the cycle works and it becomes positive, where the thoughts are ‘I can’ and ‘I want to’, which leads to me feeling strong, confident and most importantly happy, and then I get up and out, make good food choices and this then leads back to more positive thinking and a positive cycle.

For anyone that can relate to what I am saying, try thinking your cycle and try figure out the simplest way for you to break it so that you can try turning your cycle as well.

At the moment I am in a good frame of mind, where I feel positive, I am still battling with myself over my marathon goal, but I am losing weight, running and training myself to be able to eat a treat without it leading to a complete melt down.

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About Niamh O'Kelly

From Cork, 26 years old, spent years trying to lose weight, and finally did it, but struggling to maintain the weight-loss. Have also began training for my first marathon in Dublin In Oct 2016, working to motivate myself to get training. So for anyone that may struggle as I do with food and exercise, you may enjoy following my posts.