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Working Mom’s Blog – Mallow 10 Mile Road Race

Working Mom’s Blog – Mallow 10 Mile Road Race

I had decided last week that it probably wasn’t going to be an option for me to run the Mallow 10 Mile Road Race yesterday, resting is more important at the moment and plenty of foam rolling also.  (By the way, if you are into exercising, the use of a foam roller is a great way for loosening out the aches and pains and it worth the investment).

Yesterday afternoon I heard on the news there was a major car accident happened with multiple cars and a truck just outside Mallow where sadly one person had lost his live.  Never once did it occur to me that the accident happened on the route for the actual road race.  Last night as I was scrolling through Facebook I saw that the Mallow Race had been cancelled, still not realising the connection with the crash I thought maybe they will reschedule and I will be able to run it the next time.  When I then went in to read the article I was very sad to see what had happened.  Friends of mine were also running it and they told me the race had started and the leaders of the race came upon the accident, word filtered back to everyone to turn back as the race could not go on. Thankful that the accident did not happen when the runners were on that road but it makes you realise that there are risks with running a Road Race as many of them do not close the road for the runners or even just doing a training run on the road anywhere.  We need to have our wits about us and one of the things that is a bone of contention with me is wearing head phones!  Most races notifications state “NO HEADPHONES ALLOWED” because we are literally running on the road and we need to be able to hear if a Stewart is calling out or hearing a car behind us and so on but there is a continuous problem with people ignoring this and it is very frustrating to see during the race.  Not wearing headphones at the races is for safety and safety reasons only so take heed!

Sincere condolences to all those affected yesterday!

Be safe!

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