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Weightloss, Maintenance & Training: Setting SMART Goals

So I haven’t posted anything in quite a few weeks. I guess I felt why post when the entire reason I began writing a blog, was to try inspire people who struggled with their weight as I did/do. I was also in-between jobs, I am doing my masters by night and I moved houses. Its been a bit insane. Anyhow I am back now, and today’s post is around setting goals.

I have began setting my own personal goals recently, trying to decide what takes priority in my life, as I mentioned already, my schedule has been fairly full, and I have lost focus on the important things. Work is always important to me but for now my masters is playing a huge role in my life, with my evenings and weekends solely focused on getting assignments done, leaving eating healthy and exercising regularly at the door, with a glass of wine becoming my new best friend.

This morning I was at a class that I go to twice a week and I was telling the two trainers Josie and Kate about how I am so frustrated because the last two weeks I have been stress eating, and not getting out for my runs as much as I would like to. They told me not to beat myself up and to set small goals, for eg Drink 2 litres of water today. I am terrible for getting caught up and bothered with myself if I fail at something once I put my mind to it, and I generally let go and mess the entire thing up, but now I am motivated. I always use SMART when it comes to setting goals and targets, and then I break them up into short, medium and long term goals. I am sure many of you know about or use SMART, but for those of you that don’t SMART means Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

Specific: What is your specific goal?

Measurable: how you measure your goal, to ensure it is being achieved

Achievable/Attainable: Is the goal achievable/ can you do it and what steps must be taken to achieve this goal.

Realistic: Is this goal a realistic one? Can you really achieve it?

Timely: What is the deadline for your specific goal?

Then break these up into short, medium and long term.

So for me its the following:


Short Term

Medium Term

Long Term


Drink 2L of water per day Lose 14llbs Run a marathon


Use a pint glass/ 2L bottle to ensure its being drank Weigh once a week, but don’t get too caught up on it as some weeks may not be as easy as others Come up with a 6 month training plan, and take part in a number of races in between.


Very Achievable Yes, once I carefully watch what I eat and get out exercising regularly Yes, learn from past mistakes & give enough time to get back into distance running, taking the correct rest breaks & not allowing more than 2 days go without a run


Very Realistic Yes, once it is not rushed or done too fast Yes, if training is carried out correctly and a strict plan is followed. Start with short runs over next week and begin distance running in January again.


Sunday (have drank 2L of water each day) On average 2llbs lost per week, but also looking to build muscle so aim for 7 weeks time Cork City 2017 marathon in June. Once med goal is achieved, motivation should be higher and it should be easier to get out running long distance.

Why not come up with your own goals, feel free to share them with us over Facebook, or via email: [email protected]

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