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Working Mom’s Blog – 2nd Week of Operation Transformation

Hello everyone,

Well, we are into our 2nd Week of Operation Transformation in work, exercise is not a problem for me at all which is great and I am still struggling a little bit with the diet side of things!  At the end of the day, personally I think diet is the key to weight loss and yes, exercise definitely helps a lot but essentially diet makes the differentiation.  As I know diet is key, why is it so hard to do!  So my weigh-in is tomorrow for Operation Transformation so hopefully I will be down but will have to wait and see.

After all, last weekend as we were driving into town, my husband Shane said to me that he had read my blog, I was like, well?  He said “you weren’t kidding on any excuse and chocolate is in your mouth”, just as I bit into a delicious bar of Butler’s chocolate and to point out the last bar left in the house! Well it has to be eaten and once it’s gone it’s gone, then I won’t be eating any more chocolate, right!  Anyway, as I ate it and reluctantly shared it with my husband as it was delicious, I decided not give any to my son in the back of the car, because after all, chocolate is bad for you and I want him to be healthy of course.  Out of the blue he said “do I smell chocolate???”, so I reluctantly shared it with him too!

I was on facebook the other day and I saw a post my Mom shared about the quantity of sugar in drinks and did I get a shock.  Now I know it’s a no brainer that there is a lot of sugar in things but when I saw 9 spoons of sugar in 1 can of coke, I got a fright; imagine putting 9 spoons of sugar in my cup of coffee, never in a million years!  So I decided to do a bit of researching on how much sugar are in foods also and my goodness, it is scary to see the quantities.  Ok I know there is sugar in a Mars bar but to see that there is actually 8 spoons of sugar in a Mars bar and Yeo Valley Family Farm 0% Fat Vanilla yogurt which you think would be healthy as it is 0% fat but has a whopping 5 spoons!  I give my husband a hard time for putting in 1.5 spoons into this tea but we eat plenty of spoons of sugar every day without even realising it!  After seeing the pictures and reading the article, it has definitely given me food for thought on what I am eating and maybe it isn’t such a great idea to be on a low fat diet after all or eating chocolate for that matter.


Hope you have a nice long Bank Holiday weekend!

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